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因为十大靠谱网赌引领着向可再生能源未来的转变, the number of energy installations will increase around the world. We are committed to managing the impacts on the environment caused by our activities in a responsible manner.

从建造到运营, 十大靠谱网赌致力于评估环境风险, 仔细权衡不同的关注点, 实施缓解活动. When constructing new power plants we use international good practice and guidance, and when in operation we follow environmental concessions and licenses. 


所有的能源生产都会对环境产生影响. We therefore have a strong focus on research and planning to predict, understand, and minimise the impacts on the environment from our activities.

Large-scale hydropower developments, for example, can lead to significant changes in natural areas. 淡水物种,如野生鲑鱼, trout and freshwater mussel are vulnerable to migration barriers and changes in water temperature, flow and volume. We work systematically to minimise or mitigate such impacts through for instance improving fish habitat and spawning areas and support the migration of fish.

风力发电场对飞行动物有影响, 尤其是鸟类和蝙蝠, 以及陆生动物的迁徙模式. We do comprehensive environmental impact assessments and implement identified measures, such as establishment of no-work zones during construction and operation. Impacted biodiversity areas and sensitive areas are identified early in the planning phase, 十大靠谱网赌还收集被列入红色名录的鸟类的信息.

Solar farms can help to promote wildlife, biodiversity and agricultural sustainability. By restoring hedgerows and planting new trees and native plants, 为各种物种恢复或创造栖息地, 从昆虫到鸟类和哺乳动物. These also provide important corridors for pollinator species such as bumblebees to rest and feed, 给农民带来好处, 园丁和植物的生命远远超出了太阳能农场. At the same time, the soil under and around the solar panels is able to rest and recover over the life of the solar farm, while farmers gain an income which helps provide stability for their business helping to protect British farming and food production.

All our technologies have impact on the landscape by construction of infrastructure. We work to reduce or mitigate these impacts by revegetation projects, preserving soil, 空气和水的污染和废物管理.

土地利用的变化影响生物多样性. As the number of land-intensive renewable energy projects increases, we must continuously work to implement and address the challenges as part of our daily operations and seek to minimise potentially negative impact.


  • Reinforsen dam
    图片来源:John Petter Reinertsen


    Regulated water bodies alters water and sediments in the habitat of aquatic species. Sediment accumulation is a consequence of water regulation and poses several challenges. We initiated a project to study the effect of these processes and to develop a mapping tool for surveillance and monitoring of in-stream sediment changes. The result is a very promising tool based on green laser technology in combination with state-of-the-art reports on sustainable sediment management in regulated rivers.

  • Bitdal reservoir
    照片:Lars Petter Pettersen


    All large-scale energy generation has an impact on the environment. Our infrastructure does not only have an impact on the use of land and the environment, 它还具有视觉效果, 尤其是与户外活动有关的. We take great pride in restoring quarries or deposits as close to its natural state as possible. We have participated in several research projects to find the best practice solutions for revegetation as well as developing optimal seed combination for specific nature areas.

  • Fish spawn
    Photo: Karl H. Ystanes

    Salmon spawning

    We are stocking roe, juveniles and fish as well as improving fish habitats and spawning areas. In Norway, the long-term goal is to achieve self-sustaining fish populations, where feasible. 在r ø ssamatga水电站整修期间, 650米长的河段得到修复, offering better salmon spawning sites as well as a chance for hikers to access a previously inaccessible area. Following the refurbishment, a 40 per cent improvement in salmon spawning rates was recorded.

  • 人们滚动孵化场设备
    Photo: Dag Spant

    Fish hatcheries

    Where natural recruitment of fish is impossible, we are stocking fish from its six hatcheries. 挪威环境署, we manage a gene bank at Bjerka in Northern Norway to preserve the unique genetic material of five different wild salmon species from 188 distinct sources. 在苏尔纳河流域, Suldalslågen, Ulla and Skien, we have agreements with local fishing associations to catch adult salmon ready to spawn, 这样它们的卵和卵就可以补充十大靠谱网赌的孵化场.

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